Horse Council BC was proud to host the second annual Equine Education Conference from January 21 - 22, 2012 at the Delta Vancouver Airport Hotel.  This exciting weekend conference hosted an internationally recognized line up of equine industry professionals.

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DVD's Now Available to Order of the 2012 Equine Education Conference

Cost: $99 + HST and Shipping

With the 2012 Conference dvd's you receive all the speaker sessions from the whole weekend including both sessions by Dr. Andrew Mclean.  The dvd excludes any session by Sandra Sokoloski, certified physiotherapy instructor.

To order your call Horse Council BC at 1-800-345-8055 or e-mail at industry@hcbc.ca

Topics and Speakers included: 

  • Equine Behaviour - Dr. Andrew McLean PhD. BSc.
    How do horses really learn? What can we do to send a clear message when riding or handling our horses?
    Learn the importance of clear communication and practical application to get the best from your horse.
  • Equine Nutrition - Shelagh Niblock
    Demystifying the task of choosing the right forage for your horse.  Alfalfa Hay vs Grass Hay vs Pasture and everything in between. Is a hay analysis important and is sugar always bad? What are your horse's forage requirements? How to make the hay in your barn work for you and your horse's needs.
  • Conformation - Judy Wardrope
    How your horses conformation does influence performance; physically and mentally. Horses that are built to perform specific jobs learn more easily, display fewer resistances to training and conditioning, are less prone to performance related injuries and will have longer and more successful competitive careers. Because they are happier horses, their human partners are usually happier as well.
  • Hoof Care - Gerard Laverty C.J.F. A.W.C.F.
    The latest news from researchers around the world along, with current trends and ideas regarding hoof care and shoeing of the performance horse. Discussion will include the importance of farriers education and meeting the market needs of BC's horse owners.
  • Welfare - Dr. Terry Whiting D.V.M. M.S.C.
    What is fair and right for The "Unemployed Horse" The humane treatment for low value or "unwanted horses". An emotional topic that is sure to spur meaningful discussion and thought.
  • Rider Fitness - Sandra Sokolski B.Sc.P.T.
    How does your balance or lack of, affect your horses way of going? Lear how to fix balance and seat issues with tips and information - no matter what discipline you ride this will help improve your position and make you a more affective rider.
  • Equine Dental Care - Dr. Neil McKenzie D.V.M. M.V.Sc.
    Learn the latest about current concepts of dental care and how it effects your horses health and performance. Bring your questions and concerns and go home with answers that will improve your horses wellbeing!  
  • Insurance - Mike King C.A.I.B.R.I.B. 
    Everything you wanted to know, need to know, or should know about insurance and where it applies in the equine world!  Bring your questions and your notepad and be prepared to be educated and entertained in the world of equine insurance! 

Speaker Bio's  

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