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Dr. Deb Bennett, Ph.D - Click to Find out more!

Saturday Session
Principles of Conformation
, Dr. Deb Bennett's three popular volumes of Principles of Conformation Analysis are world renowned, providing the most comprehensive insight into equine structure and its effects on movement, soundness, and performance. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable pleasure mount or a grand prix mount. Learn techniques to improve your “eye” for conformation. And no matter how you’re involved in the horse industry—as a rider, trainer, breeder or buyer you will learn simple methods for analyzing hind legs and detecting “lame” backs, practical help in evaluating your own horse , how to minimize conformational limitations and maximize your horse’s performance, whatever his breed or sport.

Sunday Session
The Secret to Understanding What Makes Horses ‘Tick’. Gain understanding of why your horse did THAT!?  This seminar will be very interactive and you can ask questions related to your horses behaviour. You will come away with increased sensitivity to what your horse is "saying", and increase your ability to "read" his intentions. It's all about what makes him "tick" on the inside! Try this path to horsemanship that is effective, enlightening, and completely enjoyable for both rider and horse.

Dr. Dennis Sigler - Click to find out more!

Conditioning of our horses is often dictated by tradition, sometimes completely ignored, and mostly practiced the same as it has been for the past century, and every trainer has a slightly different method.  Advanced technologies and extensive research has given us insight into horses physiological capacities like never before. But the importance in keeping horses sound for whatever type of performance is to condition them to do the type of exercise they will be asked for in actual competition. Obviously, we would never ask a horse to run a race at a full gallop when all he had ever done at home is long trot. But, how many times do we ask him to run a mile and quarter when all we have ever run at home is a half-mile breeze? Or how many barrel horses are exercised every day at a long-trot (“legging them up”) and then go to a jackpot barrel race or a practice session and make two or three hard runs at a full gallop. The horse basically should never be asked to perform at a level in competition that they had never had to do at home. Learn how to get and keep your horse fit and sound!

Dr. Susan Thompson, Ph.D - Click to find out more!

Fear, What is it good for? In this presentation, we will cover the principles of Sport Psychology and their application to equestrian sport. The purpose of fear, and the types of fear that we experience will be discussed, and we will learn how to break fears down into the components physical sensations, thoughts, and actions. Finally, we will learn strategies to reduce our fear levels and gain control over our thoughts and actions

Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) - Dr. Chris Clark - Click to find out more!

The confusing world of deworming!! It is all about preventative care and sometimes damage control! When, how often, what to use!  Dr. Chris Clark will bring the latest in parasite research and lead us through the best steps for keeping your herd of one or one-hundred healthy and de-wormed!

Dr. Sid Gustafson - Click to find out more!

The Language of Horses. Understanding and Appreciating Horses and Equine Behavior How do horses really view the world as opposed to how we think horses view the world?  There are lots of opinions and anecdotal views on this. Dr. Gustafson who is a veterinarian and specialist in equine behaviour will explain the language of horses and how we can partner with our horses in a successful and humane relationship.

Dr. Juan Samper - Click to find out more!

The decision to breed your mare is an expensive investment in time and money. Learn steps to ensure your broodmare ‘catches’ and keeps her pregnancy.

Uterine infections are probably the most common cause for mares failing to become pregnant or losing their pregnancy. However traditional methods of culturing the uterus of the mare are often unrewarding and result in "unexpected' non-pregnant mares. This lecture will discuss why mares fail to become pregnant even though they have an apparent clean culture, and will describe other methods of culturing and when to perform them.  Treatment options will be discussed as well.

Back Country Horsemen of BC (BCHBC) - Click to find out more!

Dr. Deb Bennett, Ph.D
Equine Studies Institute - California, USA

Speaker Topics:

  • The Secret to Understanding What Makes Horses Tick
    • "Birdie Theory" - A way of putting yourself into your horse's shoes and a great aid to understanding what makes him "tick" on the inside.
  • Conformation Principles
About Deb:

Have you always wanted to know what makes your horse tick? or what it was like to "walk a mile in your horse's shoes'? Then Deb could be the speaker you've been longing to see and hear! She is a world renowned speaker on horse behaviour and is the founder of the Equine Studies Institute (www.equinestudies.org) in Livingstone, California.  Deb doesn't confine her work to the chalkboard, she rides and trains horses as well, having participated in nearly every form of horse competition for over 30 years.  She is not discipline or breed specific, believing that the cut of a person's hat or the style of their saddle matters not to a horse.  Deb's focus revolves around practical problem solving.  She considers "play" that develops the horse's mind a top priority.

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Dr. Dennis Sigler
Texas A & M University - Texas, USA

Speaker Topic:

  • Conditioning the Equine Athlete
    • From recreation to competition - what your horse needs to perform his best.
    • The importance of having a properly conditioned horse for your style of riding.
About Dennis:

Dr. Dennis Sigler is a Professor and Extension Horse Specialist in the Department of Animal Science, Texas A&M University. Dr. Sigler received a B.S. degree from Abilene Christian University, a M.S. degree from Texas Tech and his Ph.D. degree from Texas A&M. He previously was leader of the equine teaching and research program at Kansas State University. For 15 years prior to joining the faculty at Texas A&M in 2006, Dr. Sigler was employed in the livestock feed industry as a nutritionist and sales director. 

In addition to extension education activities, Dr. Sigler conducts research and trains graduate students in the area of exercise science and nutrition.  Specifically, he is interested in conditioning and management of the juvenile and mature athletic horse to maximize performance and enhance structural integrity. Other areas of interest include nutritional strategies to enhance performance and reduce musculo-skeletal injuries. Dr. Sigler has served as President of the Equine Science Society, has published numerous scientific and popular press articles and has served as an invited speaker at many national and state-wide meetings. He is a member of the American Society of Animal Science, American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists and the Equine Science Society. Take a look at Dr. Dennis Sigler's full biography .

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Dr. Susan Thompson, Ph.D
Crescent Stables - BC

Ph.D Psychology (SFU)

Equine Canada Competition Coach Specialist-Dressage Equine Canada Coach Evaluator National Coaching Certification Program Learning Facilitator 

Dr. Susan Thompson is a professor at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in the Department of Psychology and the owner of Crescent Stables Ltd, where she coaches to the FEI levels in Dressage, and cross trains the Jumper riders. In her private practice, Susan assists riders and coaches in reducing rider anxiety, understanding the learning process, and designing competition strategies for success.

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Dr. Chris Clark
Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM)

Speaker Topic

About WCVM and Chris:

The Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) is the premier centre of veterinary education, research and expertise in Western Canada and a key member of Canada's veterinary, public health and food safety network. More than 450 undergraduate and graduate students are enrolled at the internationally-recognized veterinary college that includes a veterinary medical centre, a provincial diagnostic laboratory and large-scale research facilities. Dr. Clark is one of four clinicians responsible for the supervision of the Large Animal Medicine service provided by the WCVM Veterinary Teaching Hospital. They deal with a wide variety of first opinion and referral cases of all large animals. Final year students spend two week rotations working in the Large Animal Medicine Service supervised by the clinicians. In addition to clinical work, Dr. Clark also teaches large animal and general medicine. View his full profile.

Dr. Sid Gustafson
Veterinary Clinic of Big Sky - Montana, USA

Speaker Topic:

  • The Language of Horses

About Sid:

Sid Gustafson lives in Big Sky, Montana where he writes, teaches, and practices his natural approach to veterinary medicine at The Veterinary Clinic of Big Sky. Dr. Sid developed an early interest in equine and canine behavior through his exposure to Native American horsemanship and his family’s ranching and horse breeding pursuits. Dr Sid remains witness to feral horses in natural settings on a regular basis. He has raised and trained horses all his life, and continues to do so understanding clearly there is much more to know and appreciate about horses.

Dr. Sid graduated from Washington State University with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree to specialize in equine sports medicine. His subsequent interest in the behavioral and physical health challenges that stabling and confinement created for horses led him to the study of equine behavior. As Equine Studies Program Coordinator for the Natural Horsemanship Program at the University of Montana Western from 2006-2008, Dr. Sid developed a science-based equine studies curriculum that explored equine behavior and husbandry as it applied to the teaching, development, and training of horses.

In addition to equine behavioral consulting and teaching Equine Behavior at EquineGuelph, Dr Gustafson currently is a seasonal regulatory veterinarian for the California Horse Racing Commission, where he represents the health and welfare of the racehorses

Dr. Juan Samper
JCS Veterinary Reproductive Services

Speaker Topic:

  • Broodmare Management 
About Juan:
Juan has been a consultant and lecturer for breeders and other veterinarians in over 25.  He has also worked on the faculty of the Ontario Veterinary College as well as the Veterinary School at Kansas State University.  Juan has worked on all types of horses from Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds to Miniature Horses.  As of 2012, Dr. Samper has published over 100 papers and is the author of Equine Breeding Management and Artificial Insemination, one of the most read textbooks in equine reproduction.

Among his many accomplishments Dr. Samper is a past President of the Society for Theriogenology www.therio.org, as well as a past President of the North Eastern Associaton of Equine Practitioners.

Back Country Horsemen of BC (BCHBC)
Kamloops Chapter

Speaker Topic: Camping with your Horse

About BCHBC:

A province wide society of over 750 members in 16 regional chapters.  Whether you are new to trail riding or are a seasoned pro, Back Country Horsemen of BC (BCHBC) offers a friendly atmosphere for those interested in trail riding and packing. The organization focuses on safety for horses and riders, environmental stewardship, trail building and maintenance ... and fun!

BCHBC today provides:
    •    An environment for equestrians who are interested in trail riding and the back country;
    •    A social, safe learning atmosphere where people of all ages and experience can enjoy trail riding and the wilderness experience.

Through collaboration with countless individuals, government, business and other recreational users of public land, BCHBC strives to preserve and enhance the use of public lands for all equestrians


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