Dr. Andrew McLean developed and manages the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre, the most internationally recognised horse training and behaviour modification centre in Australia.Andrew McLean holds a PhD in equine cognition and learning, has been an accredited horse riding coach for over 25 years and has written top-selling books and numerous peer reviewed journal articles. A past winner of the Gawler CCI***, he has also represented Australia in Horse Trials, competed at state and national events in FEI level dressage and eventing and has also showjumped to Grand Prix level.

In great demand as a trainer, coach and speaker, Dr McLean currently conducts lecture demonstrations at universities and conferences around the world. He teaches throughout Australia, Europe, South Africa, USA, Canada and New Zealand. Andrew continues to coach riders  on the optimal use of learning theory for improved welfare of the trained horse as well as improved performance.  

Sandra Sokoloski has been a physiotherapist for over 20 years and has ridden for most of her life, competing in a variety of disciplines. The focus of her practice is to analyze movement and improve awareness of movement patterns and postures. Througha variety of techniques Sandra helps riders understand their anatomy, improve their movement control and enhance their ability to ride in balance with their horse. She utilizes detailed knowledge of the equestrian athlete to improve the rider’s ability to communicate effectively with their horse and optimize their performance. Through clinics and private sessions Sandra assists riders, coaches and others involved with the equestrian athlete to apply the understanding of human anatomy and biomechanics.

Sandra is a certified physiotherapy instructor and has advanced training in manual therapy, movement analysis and performance enhancement. She owns and operates Summit Sport Physiotherapy and E-Sport Physiotherapy in Okotoks, Alberta and has travelled across Canada providing clinics and lectures to equestrian enthusiasts. To encourage the understanding that the equestrian rider is as much of an athlete as the horse is her primary focus. See www.esportphysio.ca

Read Sandra's Article on Balanced Equation: The Human Half

Dr. Terry Whiting D.V.M., M.S.C.  This year Dr.Whiting received the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association Humane Award. This award is presented to an individual whose work is judged to have contributed significantly to the welfare and well being of animals.  Terry was on the development committee for the Canadian Agri-Food Research Council horse code of practice (1998), the Transport code of practice (2001). Past Chair of the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association Animal Welfare Committee, and is the provincial representative on the National Farm Animal Care initiative.

Terry graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1984. He spent 15 of the last 20 years working for Governments in Food safety and Animal health, 8 years with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in Saskatchewan and Manitoba and 7 years with Manitoba Agriculture at the Veterinary Laboratory. In the other 5 years he completed a MSc in Equine exercise physiology at U. of Guelph and was in mixed primarily food animal practice in Ontario. Terry has published in peer reviewed journals, mostly the Canadian Vet Journal on humane transportation of animals, food safety, and emergency preparedness. He has been an active volunteer with the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association, serving on the board 1998-2003 and was President in 2002.

 Dr.Neil Mckenzie D.V.M., B.Sc.(Ag), M.V.Sc. Neil graduated from the Universtiy of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. He received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1976 from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan. After several years in private practice he returned to the United States and completed a Masters of Veterinary Science. He has been in private practice in BC ever since. Neil now specialises in equine denistry with his Pacific Equine Denistry practice. 

Gerard Laverty C.J.F., T.E. , A.W.C.F. Gerard has a thirty year career as a working Farrier in several different countries. Gerard’s career began in the early seventies in the North of Ireland. He served a three year apprenticeship in Dublin, Ireland, with the Irish Horse Shoe Board. He graduated with a gold medal in both theory and practical. Gerard moved to the U.S. in 1981 and spent 2 years as a journeyperson after which he immigrated to Canada and began a business in Prince George, B.C. In August of 2003, he accepted the position of Instructor of the Farrier program at Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

Michael King CAIB R.I.B. Mike with CAPRI Insurance comes with a wealth of knowledge in the insurance industry, especially Equine Industry Insurance. He has been instrumental in promoting risk management programs for the equine industry. Due to the overwhelming succes of the seminar Mike gave last year at the EEC in Kelowna, the numerous requests to have him speak again,  Mike will once again tell you everything you should know about insurance! 

Shelagh Niblock BSc.Ag. PAS  is an equine nutritionist with Viterra Feed Products, providing nutritional support for ProForm Step Right Feeds.  Shelagh has spent more than 25 years in the feed industry in British Columbia and her lengthy experience working initially as a dairy nutritionist piqued her interest in the contribution made by the typical Faser Valley grass hays to diets of our horses.  Her work in ruminant nutrition has given her some unique insights into equine hind gut health and its impact on equine performance and health.
Shelagh is also a horse onwer herself and an enthusiastic pleasure rider who is especially intersted in the discipline of dressage and three day eventing.  As the owner of two senior metabolically challenged horses she has lots of opportuntiy to observe first hand the outcomes of the feeding choices we make for our horses.
A 4H leader for many years, Shelagh also still is very active as a volunteer in the 4H prgram in BC.  She is also a member of the Equine Science Society, the Amercian Dairy Science Association, and the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists.

View an Article by Shelagh Niblock 

Judy Wardrope, drawn to and interested in horses her entire life, has spent nearly 30 years amassing research on the pedigrees of top performance horses in both sport and racing as well as analyzing the functional aspects of equine conformation.

She applied the findings from her research to her own sport horse breeding program, producing champions in dressage and the hunter ring as well as winners in show jumping and eventing. The results spoke for themselves and she was asked to do research for, and consult with, trainers, riders and other breeders at both the national and international level. She has assisted in the selection of stallions for breeding programs in Canada, South Africa and Thailand. She was also a valued member of an advisory board to the Animal Industry Division of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Read the letter of appreciation.

For nearly two decades, Judy has been a respected equine journalist, satisfying a growing demand for informative articles on both sport horses and racehorses. Her work appears in more than twenty equine publications internationally. She is a current member of the International Alliance of Equestrian Journalists, a former member of the National Turf Writers Association and was nominated for the 2006 Equine Vision award through American Horse Publications.

Judy has studied the pedigrees plus photographed and analyzed the conformation of top horses, in both sport and thoroughbred racing, to determine the impact on performance and is now sharing her knowledge through a series of informative and entertaining clinics, seminars and workshops. Of these, Improving Your Eye for Functional Conformation (Thoroughbred and/or Sporthorse) and Pedigree Patterns in Sport Horses are the most frequently requested.

She has expanded her writing and editing to include sales copy, promotional materials, books and non-equine subjects.

Find out about her Insights E-Zine and her 10 Conformation Myths book.




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