Horse Council BC has a Strategic Plan that strengthens our foundation, builds on our success, and allows us to move in new directions.  The Executive Committee reviews and reports on the Strategic Plan to the Board on an annual basis at the fall directors meeting.  The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that the Strategic Planning Committee is struck at least every three years.  Horse Council BC renewed the Strategic Plan in 2012.

Download a PDF of the Horse Council BC Strategic Plan 2012-2015


Horse Council British Columbia is a member service organization that collaborates with business, industry and government on behalf of equine welfare, sports, recreation and the individual rider/driver.  HCBC operates on behalf of all equine interests in British Columbia;
  1. Advocate to the public and to all levels of government
  2. Communicate effectively with members, public and government
  3. Act as a resource for preserving, extending and ensuring access to trails and public lands
  4. Educate members and the public on best practices and safety
  5. Administer and develop programs for the benefit of membership
  6. Develop partnerships with stakeholders and other organizations to strengthen the industry
  7. Develop, promote and maintain a HCBC competition system from grassroots to provincial

Horse Council BC strives to represent ALL horse people in BC regardless of discipline, breed orientation, or sport. We endeavor to be an association that anyone active in the horse sector is proud to be a part of. We are accessible to all our members and communicate with them on both a professional and personal level. We ensure that we set an example for all other associations to follow.

The following values guide Horse Council BC’s decision making and challenge us to put the needs of the people we serve first. We believe in responsibility and accountability to our Members. We must constantly strive to meet their needs and to ensure they always receive friendly, helpful, and accurate service in a prompt manner. 

Horse Council BC will continue to develop, promote and deliver relevant programs to our membership as well as the BC horse community using outside resources to assist in these areas.

We must continue to be good citizens and recognize, support, and encourage the many volunteers in the BC horse community that make our business as well as the businesses of many others in the horse industry thrive.  Horse Council BC will uphold the value of fairness in all of its undertakings. We promote “playing by the rules”, open-mindedness, listening to others and treating other people with respect.

HCBC will continue to focus on ensuring financial sustainability for the future, expanding opportunities for recreational riding, promoting the health and welfare of equines and riders, and maintaining a Provincial Competition System beginning at the grassroots and leading to provincial championships. Our provincial competition system will feed into the interprovincial, national and international competition system.

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