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Pony Tails is a club for kids 12 years old and younger who love horses and ponies. You don't need to own your own horse or pony, to join and it's free!


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"Hi Kids!

My name is Alice and I am a Pony. A pony is smaller than a horse but we are just as nice if not nicer than the big horses. I like to do fun things like chase by big brother Oliver around and steal his food when he is not looking. My caretakers say my job is to babysit Oliver, but I think I would rather just eat and snooze in the sun. I have also helped teach some children to ride, which was really exciting.

If you visit the Pony Tails Kids club page, I will tell you fun stories, have contests and lots of information you might want to know about Ponies. I know lots about Ponies, because I am one and I love to share stuff about how to take good care of a Pony."


  • Your own Club Card
  • I Love Horses Ribbon
  • I Love Horses Button
  • Pony Tails Passport
  • Art Project
  • A Discount for the P'tit Trot Program

...and some great information about HCBC and Horses! 

Alice the Pony has all sorts of fun information, games and contests for you to take part in.

You do not have to be a Horse Council BC Member to join the Pony Tails Club, but we would love to have you join us one day. 

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Click on the links below for my fun games, contests and to learn more about Ponies!

How Do You Measure a Horses Height?

What Colour Am I?

What Do I Eat?

Alice's Fun Fact for Spring!

Alice's Spring Joke

P'tit Trot Website

Danger Detective Website

Your Drawings!

Spring Colouring Page


Here are some links with information that you need to know about safety.

Helmet Information


Run, Jump, RIDE - A guide for fun and active games for young Equestrians

Handy Height Horse Chart 

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