Executive & Directors At Large Name Phone Email
President Liz Saunders 250-359-7293 L.Saunders@hcbc.ca
Treasurer Carolyn Farris 250-546-6083 C.Farris@hcbc.ca
Secretary Lisa Mander 604-719-1989 L.Mander@hcbc.ca
Vice President of Competition Susan Harrison 250-416-0094 S.Harrison@hcbc.ca
Vice President of Education Dr. Susan Thompson 604-943-8155 S.Thompson@hcbc.ca
Vice President of Industry Lynda Atkinson 250-747-3700 L.Atkinson@hcbc.ca
Vice President of Membership & Marketing TBA TBA TBA
Vice President of Recreation Terre O’Brennan 604-940-6958 T.Obrennan@hcbc.ca
Director At Large Gary Patterson 250-861-5865 garson66@telus.net
Director At Large Gord Mackenzie 250-679-3999 gordmack@xplornet.ca
Director At Large Dr. Susan Thompson 604-943-8155 S.Thompson@hcbc.ca
Affiliate Directors Name Phone Email
Back Country Horsemen Society of BC Sharon Pickthorne 250-337-1818 oneonone@telus.net
BC Carriage Driving Society Ellen Hockley 250-577-3366 theranchbc@gmail.com
BC Hunter Jumper Association Justine Annandale 604-828-3854 justine@sperabo.com
BC Quarter Horse Association Carolyn Farris 250-546-6083 c.farris@hcbc.ca
BC Therapeutic Riding Association Karen Swantje 604-534-0010 kswantje@linwoodhomes.com
Canadian Pony Clubs (BC Division) Tracy Carver 778-999-7400 tracy@techbits.ca
Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society (BC Division) Grant Watson 204-990-2494 watson.bay.stables@shaw.ca
Dressage BC Cat Armitage 250-644-4388 foxwillowLB@gmail.com
Endurance Riders Association Of BC Terre O’Brennan 604-940-6958 t.obrennan@hcbc.ca
Equestrian Vaulting Association Of BC Marijean Maher 604-574-7174 triplemfarms@shaw.ca
Harness Racing BC Society Lynda Atkinson 250-747-3700 l.atkinson@hcbc.ca
Horse Trials BC Len Kirby 250-390-7577 l-dkirby@shaw.ca
Zone Directors Name Phone Email
Zone 1 Director Arlene Ridge 250-489-5923 sprucetreeranch@xplornet.ca
Zone 1 Director Liz Saunders 250-359-7293 l.saunders@hcbc.ca
Zone 2 Director Myrna Thompson 250-317-8347 equiessence@hotmail.com
Zone 2 Director Lynne McPherson 250-317-5176 lynne.mcpherson@ubc.ca
Zone 3 Director Nancy Olson-Beaulieu 604-462-0952 nbeaulieu@telus.net
Zone 3 Director Susan Holtby 604-823-6768 rivndell@smartt.com
Zone 4 Director Debbie Rogal 778-773-3417 debbierogal@telus.net
Zone 5 Director Lisa Mander 604-719-1989 L.Mander@hcbc.ca
Zone 6 Director Selena Pellizzari 250-668-0752 gpcottonwood@telus.net
Zone 6 Director Susan Harrison 250-416-0094 s.harrison@hcbc.ca
Zone 7 Director Christine Hassell 250-847-0921 ckhassell11@gmail.com
Zone 7 Director Erin Rowsell 250-847-5223 erinrowsell@pro-techforest.ca
Zone 8 Director Rose Cousins 250-786-5317 rcousins250@gmail.com
Zone 8 Director Carolyn Dobbs 250-998-4334 summitph@hotmail.com

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