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We regret to inform you that the BC Heritage Championships have been cancelled for 2016 due to a lack of entries.  We really want to thank those that did enter, our volunteers and sponsors for their support.  All entries will be fully refunded, we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

Take a look at the BC Heritage Program Guide!


The BC Heritage Circuit is a provincial program designed to preserve the versatility of General Performance across British Columbia by supporting community horse clubs, generating interest and encouraging riders, coaches and breeders to achieve personal success at competitions at an introductory or grassroots level. Horse Council BC supports and facilitates the activities that take place at qualifying events to ensure riders of all ages, recreational or competitive, have the opportunity to Learn to Ride and Learn to Compete, keeping fees affordable and competitions accessible in all Zones around the province.  The Horse Council BC Officials Program ensures that provincial officials are trained, educated, and accessible for member clubs for reasonable costs.  At the same time the provincial competition program includes multiple disciplines whereby all breeds are recognized for their most desirable traits. The annual BC Heritage Circuit Championship provides a suitable venue where all disciplines are able to participate over 3 days, offering rewards and recognizes achievements of developing athletes learning to compete with awards and $10,000.00 in prize money !  HCBC rewards  athletes, owners, and coaches for their dedication to the equestrian competitive sports, after having qualified while supporting local competitions in all zones, with the annual BC Heritage Circuit Provincial  Championship the first weekend of July each year.  In addition, travel assistance grants are provided for exhibitors who qualify and travel over 500 km return to attend the Championships.


It is easy! If you attended 2 Qualifier Competitions during the qualifying period of June 25th, 2015 to June 25, 2016, simply complete the Entry Form for the BC Heritage Circuit Championships listing a minimum of 2 shows and enter any class offered at the Championships.

The program is designed to promote and encourage participation in local competitions Learning to Compete at an affordable and accessible competition program. Competitors of all ages and skill levels can qualify at local sanctioned competitions throughout the provincial zones to qualify to attend the Provincial Championships held the first weekend of July annually. The qualifying season begins on June 26th of the previous year, and ends June 25th of the current year. Cash prize money and awards will be offered for all levels and divisions at the Championships.  Qualifying competitions are listed by discipline divisions on the HCBC website under Competition Dates identified as “BC Heritage Qualifier”.



All  BC Heritage Qualifier competitions are encouraged to use certified judges. The certification can be from a provincial, national, breed, or discipline group. In the case that a certified official is not available in your local area, the show organizers may request and submit a Guest Card application for an experienced horseman to officiate at your event.  The show organizer submits the request and Guest Card application to HCBC Competitions Manager for approval with no extra cost.

A show must offer a minimum of two BC Heritage classes and or the existing classes can be designated as Qualifier classes at no extra cost. The permit fee is $39.20 per day regardless of the competition sanctioning with other equestrian organizations. HCBC Event applications can be downloaded on competitions webpage or emailed to you by contacting [email protected] Equine Canada shows may be approved as BC Heritage Qualifier competitions with a copy of the EC application submitted to HCBC and fee per day payable to Horse Council BC. All BC Heritage Qualifiers are advertised on our Competition Dates with contact information and links to Prize Lists once approved.  You are able to process Horse Council memberships at the competition, and or verify HCBC memberships online via HCBC website with permission granted annually.   A competition package will be emailed to you prior to your event  with the necessary documents to make event run smoothly and organized. If you would prefer a hard copy of the show package is  mailed to you, please call the competition desk and a competition package will be mailed to you.


Horse Council BC is now looking for sponsors to support the 2016 BC Heritage Championships.  If you are interested in promoting your business while encouraging the growth of multiple divisions offered in BC, please [email protected] for full details of sponsorship opportunities.
Welcome to Otter Co-op for their generous support!