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The BC Equestrian Trails Fund was established to provide support for HCBC member clubs and affiliates who have researched and planned a specific project related to the construction and/or maintenance of an equestrian trail, trailhead, or horse camping site in British Columbia for public use. The fund for 2016 totaled more than $30,000, allocated by the Horse Council BC board of directors, and increased annually by individual and corporate contributions.

The BCETF money should be used as “seed funding” to obtain additional funding from other granting agencies. A review committee appointed by HCBC will receive, review, and approve specific funding proposals. Submission deadline is April 15, 2017.

The 2017 BCETF application period will be open from January 1, 2017 to April 15, 2017.


Grants will be given to: 

  • Horse Council BC member clubs or affiliates that have been members in good standing of Horse Council BC for a minimum of 12 months and whose members are Horse Council BC members
  • Committees of Horse Council BC whose projects meet the required criteria


Eligible projects for funding would include:

  • New trail construction
  • Trail upgrade/improvement
  • Bridge and water crossing construction, upgrades or rehabilitation
  • Signage
  • Trail surveying and tracking
  • Trail rehabilitation
  • Horse camp facilities such as corrals, high lines, toilets, fire rings, signage, stock watering facilities, etc.
  • Trailhead modifications to accommodate horses and horse trailers


Deadline for submissions is April 15th of each application year. 


2017 Grant Criteria

2017 BCETF Application Forms:

Application, Budget Worksheet, & Checklist – Fillable PDF

Application, Budget Worksheet, Checklist, & Guide – Printable PDF

Budget Worksheet – Auto-Calculating Excel Spreadsheet

If you are unable to download any of the forms or would like them in a format that is not available through this site please contact recre[email protected] to request them via email.


Just a few dollars from each Horse Council BC member each year can make a huge difference in building and improving BC’s equestrian trails. If you like to explore new trails, or plan to in the future, help make BC the best place on earth to ride by making a donation to the BC Equestrian Trails Fund.

Grants will be made available to HCBC member clubs to assist them in building and improving trails and horse-camping sites. For a generous individual donation of $50 or more, you will receive a Leave No Trace Canada handy reference card and for $100 or more you will receive a 32-page Leave No Trace Horse Use Skills & Ethics booklet.

Download a BC Equestrian Trails donation form or log on to make a donation online.


Do you need funding for a project? Check out a list of potential sources of funding. Because information changes quickly, some links may become out of date.

The original list of links comes from Terje Vold’s article entitled National Trails Coalition 2009 – 2010 Trail Program – BC Accomplishments which was published in the Spring/Summer 2010 issue of The Outdoor Recreation Report. To obtain a copy of the article please contact the Outdoor Recreation Council at [email protected]



Have you ever planned to build an outhouse?

If you need any help don’t hesitate to call on the Garden City Horsemen’s Club on southern Vancouver Island and they will explain to you all the pitfalls before you start your project. The Mill Bay area riding club recently completed their mission to build a new outhouse to replace a 30-year-old structure and to rebuild an existing fire pit at Aikman Acres that was more than 18 years old. The existing structure was getting too weak to support the chimney and was not safe to use. The structure is the main cooking source and also serves as heat in the evenings and allows riders to dry out wet gear when camping there. The club successfully applied for a 2011 grant from the BC Equestrian Trails Fund (BCETF) for $2,500 and were able to complete the project for $4,275. Funds were used to purchase materials and most of the labour was done by club volunteers under the watchful eyes of vice president Lorern Stubbs and Devon Mills, both experienced contractors.

The Garden City club, with approximately 35 members, promotes trail riding and trail ethics. According to club president Anne Bell their mandate is the development and maintenance of trails. The club has a Crown lease for approximately 21 years on property located on the Malahat, behind Spectacle Lake, and close to riding trails which they are continually developing. It is one of the few places in the area that is suitable and available for equine camping and is the focal point for their annual 25-mile ride on the Thanksgiving weekend.

They first built an open air lodge, followed by paddocks, outhouses and then a 15-stall loafing shed. The club has fundraised and spent many volunteer hours on these projects. The Crown lease was renewed for the third time in 2010. Their facilities are also used by other groups such as scouts, cadets, hikers, bikers, and anyone else who would benefit from an outdoor shelter. Many riders access the club property, either for an overnight stay, or just riding through. Being on the Malahat, it is close enough to Victoria, Duncan, and those surrounding areas that it has become a wilderness spot people can get to without traveling a great distance. People riding through tie up there and enjoy the lodge or the facilities. It has become somewhat of a destination spot as the lodge and loafing shed are perfect when caught in a rain storm – shelter for both man and beast.