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Your HCBC Membership Automatically Includes The Following Insurance CoveragesCapri-PartnerPage

Capri Insurance is the official insurance provider of Horse Council BC.  All HCBC members automatically receive the following coverage: Disclaimer: The insurance coverage included and/or available as an option with your HCBC Membership is provided to you by Capri Insurance Services Ltd.  HCBC is not licensed to sell or provide counsel on the insurance coverage.  Please contact Capri Insurance directly for any questions regarding coverage, limitations or exclusions at 1-800-670-1877 (Equine Department).

$5,000,000 of excess PERSONAL LIABILITY insurance that WILL protect YOU, THE MEMBER if YOU, THE MEMBER are SUED by a third party because a horse that YOU, THE MEMBER own, lease or use causes PROPERTY DAMAGE OR BODILY INJURY TO A THIRD PARTY.

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A few examples of situations where YOU, THE MEMBER, HAVE COVERAGE:

Example 1. The horse kicks or bites someone causing bodily injury

Example 2. The horse kicks a car or escapes on to a neighbor’s land causing property damage

Example 3. “Someone else” is holding your horse and the horse causes property damage or bodily injury to a third party.

The policy is IN FORCE 24 hours a day, seven days a week, anywhere in the world. So if you board your horse elsewhere, keep your horse at home or go for a ride down the road or on the trail – YOU, THE MEMBER are covered.

The policy will provide liability protection regardless of the number of personal use horses you own or lease. Some important information to consider:

  1. The insurance policy DOES contain an EXCLUSION if your horse is used for COMMERCIAL This means that if you receive compensation for the use of your horse – (e.g. “money” or “trade of value” for riding instruction, or reduced board for the use of your horse by someone else in a lesson) this policy will NOT respond. THIS IS A PERSONAL LIABILITY POLICY ONLY.
  2. IF you do allow others to RIDE your horse, then be sure that the person RIDING the horse is also a member of the HORSE COUNCIL of BC OR is employed in whole or in part in the horse business (for example your certified coach etc.). If the person RIDING your horse meets either of these criteria, then YOU, THE MEMBER ARE COVERED.
  3. The insurance policy DOES contain an EXCLUSION related to claims made between immediate family members. (e.g.- the parent/spouse of a member will not be covered by this insurance if their own child / spouse sued them)
  4. Part of the liability coverage provided through membership addresses the exposure that could arise IF YOU, THE MEMBER transport (TRAILER) a horse that DOES NOT belong to you (in a non-commercial situation). If that non-owned horse were injured as a result of your negligence and IF that other person decided to sue you for compensation for their loss, the policy will respond – up to a limit of $10,000 for any one horse. Please note – this is NOT commercial horse transport insurance and is NOT life insurance for the horse being transported – this is liability insurance to protect you if you are sued by a third party when you are in the care, custody and control of a non-owned horse.

$30,000 (Principal Sum) Accidental Death or Dismemberment coverage if YOU, THE MEMBER suffer from a scheduled (listed) catastrophic and permanent injury (or death) related to an incident where horses are involved. This coverage is in force 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and covers the member anywhere in the world.

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Please note the following conditions and exclusions pertaining to the included AD&D coverage:

  1. Coverage is provided for Canadian residents only;
  2. This is not a short term disability (STD) or long term disability (LTD) insurance policy nor does the policy provide compensation for lost wages;
  3. The policy that is included with your membership does not provide any payment for fracture or dental injuries.

Transportation Insurance for Non-Owned Horses Enhanced / Incidental / Emergency liability for the care custody of non-owned horses Have a question about member liability insurance?

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Horse Council BC in partnership with Mike King from Capri Insurance are bringing you a series of Webinars all about the insurance side of Horse Council BC and horses in general. The great part about this series? It’s a webinar so you can attend from your computer at home, no travel needed and it’s FREE! Get access here!

If That Isn’t Enough, Here Are Some Other Insurance Benefits Included With Your HCBC Membership:

EASY access to the HCBC Optional Insurance Program innovative products that can be purchased right along with your membership! Further questions regarding your HCBC Membership Optional Insurance can be directed to Capri Insurance Service Ltd. the official insurance provider for Horse Council BC: Capri Insurance 1-800-670-1877