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Organizations applying for Affiliate Membership with Horse Council BC will meet the following requirements:

  1. Hold legal constitution filed with BC Registry of Companies having (Provincial Scope) entrenched or Corporations Canada (National Scope).”
  2. Representation and active members (either individual or chapter/zones/committees) throughout the majority of the eight zones with a minimum of five (5) zones with a provision to include membership in the remainder and minimum provincial membership of 30 individuals.
  3. The designate or affiliate will provide data to verify that the affiliate organization meets the criteria by providing documentation as required.


All Affiliate membership applications will be reviewed on an annual basis by the HCBC Executive Committee prior to their acceptance. Each affiliate application will be reviewed on a case by case basis with consideration for:

  1. Membership fluctuation over past years
  2. Two similar entities making application
  3. Any rejected affiliate application may request the application be reviewed by the board of directors.
  4. The Board of Directors of a provincially based organization as described above must endorse the individual named to the HCBC Board of Directors and an alternate by sending in the annual membership application.
  5. The designate (board member) to the HCBC board is an annual appointment. HCBC must be notified in writing if there is to be a change of designate during the membership year.
  6. Both the designated and named alternate, must hold current Horse Council BC individual memberships.
  7. The designate named to the HCBC Board of Directors is accountable to members or supporters of their chosen affiliate in the province. All information acquired through the seat on the HCBC Board of Directors is to be fairly and equitably distributed to all of the Affiliate’s membership unless confidential.
  8. The designate to the HCBC board sits for the benefit of Horse Council BC and brings the benefit of their knowledge to the HCBC board of directors.
  9. The designate will be responsible to ensure return of “activity reports”as required. They shall also be responsible to ensure a written report is supplied for each of the board of directors meetings.
  10. The designate will work on tasks included in the Affiliate Directors Task list included in the HCBC Board of Directors Policy and Procedures manual.

Affiliate Membership includes any chapters/branches/clubs/zones and/or committees which are legally part of the Affiliate Society Registration. These chapters/branches, etc. will be entitled to Horse Council BC benefits including Capri Insurance discounts as well as funding opportunities along with the Affiliate itself. 

If the regional group is a separate legal entity then it will be required to hold its own club membership in order to be entitled to Horse Council BC Membership including Capri Insurance discounts and funding opportunities.

All Affiliate membership applications will be reviewed on an annual basis by the HCBC Executive Committee prior to their acceptance.


An Affiliate Membership costs $201.60 (including tax) and is non-refundable. This Membership expires December 31 and does NOT include insurance.


Benefits of an Affiliate membership include the following:


2018 Affiliate Application Form

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