/Reminder: Equestrian Canada U25 Declarations due June 30th

Reminder: Equestrian Canada U25 Declarations due June 30th

This is a reminder that declarations for the Under 25 Series are due this
Saturday June 30th.
The current list of U25 declared athletes (as of 06/25/2018) can be found here.
The Under 25 (U25) Series was created as part of the Talent ID Program and is open to athletes competing at a height equal to or greater than 1.40m from the beginning of the year they reach the age of 16 until the end of the year in which they turn 25.

  • Further information can be located on Equestrian Canada’s website.
  • The 2018 Under 25 Program Criteria can be found here.
  • Riders may declare more than one horse
  • Declarations can be submitted through theĀ Online U25 Declaration Portal
  • Declared athletes must submit their U25 results online within a week of completing U25 classes in order to collect ranking points. Results can be submitted online through theĀ U25 Results Portal.
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