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Horse Council BC is a membership-driven not-for-profit association representing the interests of the equine industry in all sectors throughout British Columbia. Tradition, strong values and superior hard work provided by our volunteers has made Horse Council BC the largest and most successful multi-discipline, multi-breed equine association in Canada.

Horse Council BC actively represents the equine industry in agriculture, industry, sport, and recreation through education, grant funding, club support, government advocating, liability insurance, and participant programs.


Horse Council British Columbia is a member service organization that collaborates with business, industry and government on behalf of equine welfare, sports, recreation and the individual rider/driver.
Horse Council BC strives to represent ALL horse people in BC regardless of discipline, breed orientation, or sport. We endeavor to be an association that anyone active in the horse sector is proud to be a part of. We are accessible to all our members and communicate with them on both a professional and personal level. We ensure that we set an example for all other associations to follow.
  • Increase engagement with board, staff and partners
  • Create more effective ways to increase member and non-member communications and engagement
  • Renew education programs to increase our value as an equine information hub
  • Ensure a strong provincial grass roots competition system
  • Advocate for equine lifestyle and right to ride
  • Take inventory of all programs and review 25% each year
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