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HCBC Officials Application Form

All Horse Council BC Provincial Recognized Officials (PRO) must attend, updating clinics every three years as specified in discipline rules and policies. In addition to attending these seminars, officials must hold a HCBC senior membership.

HCBC offers a Provincial Recognized Officials (PRO) program for 10 categories. A Provincial Recognized Official can judge at any HCBC sanctioned competition and unsanctioned local competitions in BC. Designation as a certified official is a privilege, not a right, bestowed to individuals whose equine expertise and personal character merit the honor. The individual’s conduct as a member, and as an official must be exemplary and is continuously subject to review. A judge is expected to be proficient in the divisions recognized, and to possess a thorough knowledge of the rules of the discipline certified in as an official.

It is imperative that certified officials exhibit the highest standard of integrity at all times and decisions are not made upon improper influence. The decisions of the official constitute solely their individual assessment and not the opinions of or decisions by Horse Council BC.

Horse Council BC is pleased to offer members a credible Provincial Recognized Officials program.  Categories of Horse Council BC Provincial Recognized Officials Certification are:

  • Hunter Judge
  • Jumper Judge
  • Hack Judge
  • Equitation Judge (Hunt Seat, Saddle Seat, Stock Seat)
  • Western Judge
  • Basic Dressage (See additional criteria)
  • General Performance
  • Course Designer – Hunter Jumper
  • Driving Judge
  • Vaulting Judge


The names of all current accredited Provincial Recognized Officials certification are published on our web site and in the Horse Industry Guide under the Competition Officials.

Provincial Recognized Officials certified are eligible for the HCBC group insurance policy for additional coverage while officiating anywhere through CAPRI Insurance for competition officials.


  • Complete and return the Provincial Recognized Official application form that is available on this webpage or by email from the HCBC office prior to October 15th of the current year. Include the names and mailing addresses of four sponsors for each category of certification. Only one category may be applied for on an application at one time. At least two of the four sponsors must be certified officials. All sponsors must be members in good standing of their provincial and or national equestrian federation. Sponsors should be currently active in the horse industry.
  • Upon successful completion of the application, officials certification clinic, and exam specific for the  category applied for, a panel established by the HCBC Vice President of Competitions will conduct a review of applications, qualifications, requirements completed and references. At least three of the four references must be favorable, in order for an application to be approved. Written notification to applicants of certification status with any comments or conditions required following Competition Committee review of applications, will be completed not later than December 31 of the current year.
    Successful certified applicants will be listed under Officials Directory on the HCBC Website.
  • Applicants must remain active current senior members in good standing with Horse Council BC.
  • This program is designed to introduce judging principles and standards to aspiring officials to     service the provincially recognized competitions in BC with qualified trained Officials.
  • There are Three Levels of Recognition:  Learner ( L ) Primary ( P ) Senior ( S )
    • Learner: A Learner Judge category is an individual who is new to the judging arena, may have little or no judging experience in the specific category, but will have a background in the category, having demonstrated good horsemanship, participated in competitions, and active in the horse industry. Applicants must attend a recognized HCBC Officials clinic in the year of application and pass the exam with a minimum score of 80%.  Must complete the Officials application and submit by Oct 15th including 4 references of which two references must be certified Officials.  Must be a member in good standing of HCBC. A Learner Official must complete a minimum of 4 Shadow Judging competitions under a senior certified Official in the applicable category, and submit Shadow Judging Report forms signed by Senior Officials to be approved for upgrading to Primary certified status.  Must attend at least one recognized Officials Clinic every three year period to remain current as Learner certified Official. Applicants must re apply for certification if they do not complete the requirement within the 3 years of application
    • Primary: Judge must have completed all the requirements of a Learner Judge and be considered by Senior Judge evaluations to have the knowledge to judge independently  at provincial recognized competitions.  Must have taken the provincial Officials Exam and passed with a minimum of 80% in the specific category.  Must remain a current member in good standing of HCBC.  Must attend one Provincial, National, or International Officials clinic within each three year period to remain currently active and listed a certified Provincially Recognized Official.
    • Senior: An individual will have met all the requirements of the Primary Officials status and will have over five years of judging experience as either provincial or national official in the category of certification.  Senior National Federation or Breed Organization certified Officials may be included in the provincial recognized officials program as Senior certified provincial officials upon application and verification of NSO certification submitted to HCBC.  Equivalent certification is approved by the HCBC competition manager once verified and effective immediately at the equivalent level of senior status certified with the National Federation or Breed Organization. Senior officials must remain current members in good standing of HCBC and attend one National Officials updating clinic within each three year period.   Senior Officials who meet this criteria may be approved and listed as Senior provincial officials at any time of year upon submitting senior officials application form to HCBC .


  • A Provincial Recognized Official certification is only applicable within the Province of British Columbia.
  • Penalties for contravening the rules of HCBC member policies will be determined by a panel of peers as established by the Horse Council BC Vice President of Competitions.
  • A Provincial Recognized Official is an Independent Contractor not restricted to hold multiple officials certification with other equestrian organizations.


  1. A Provincial Recognized Official must be a Senior member in good standing with Horse Council BC.
  2. A Provincial Recognized Official cannot be under suspension from any other equestrian organization.
  3. A Provincial Recognized Official must attend one National, International, or Provincial recognized  officials development clinic within each three year period to remain a current certified official.


A Provincial Recognized Official’s conduct and ability must be exemplary and is subject to continual review. The accreditation is revocable at any time by the Competitions Committee that is appointed by the HCBC Vice President Competitions, with written notice served by registered mail or courier to the last known address of the Official.

Appeals of such decision may be made in writing and accompanied by a one hundred dollar deposit to the President of Horse Council BC who at his discretion may or may not call for a formal review before a panel of peers not in excess of four (4). If the formal review finds in favor of the Official the one hundred dollar deposit will be returned. If no reversal of decision the one hundred dollar deposit will be retained.


  • The Horse Council BC Officials application form must be submitted by deadline to Horse Council BC.
  • The applicant must be Horse Council BC member in good standing.  Of the four references, three must be accredited Dressage judges of Senior Basic status or higher, from any nationally recognized federation.
  • The applicant must have competed at a minimum of Second Level in recognized competitions. Please list competition name, location date, and technical level competed at the competitions.
  • Applicants must attend and be evaluated at a Horse Council BC Dressage Officials clinic and be evaluated as a competent judge by the Senior Clinician. Please include any recognized Officials Clinic Certificate(s) of Attendance for verification with your application.