The fundamental reason for sanctioning a competition is to ensure that someone other than the show organizer is responsible for overseeing the risk management of the competition, and to ensure a fair playing field is consistently maintained for all exhibitors who participate in equestrian sport events.

Equestrian Canada (EC) sanctioned competitions are national competitions governed by Equestrian Canada discipline rules.  EC licensed officials,  judges, course designers, technical delegates, and stewards are required to officiate at EC national competitions .  Equestrian Canada competition documents and more information can be found on the Equestrian Canada website at https://www.equestrian.ca/
EC Bronze and Silver Competitions held in B.C are administered directly by Horse Council BC with all application forms and documents submitted directly to Horse Council BC at [email protected]

Horse Council BC recognized events are provincial sanctioned competitions for entry level competitions and administered directly by Horse Council BC.   HCBC sanctioned competitions are governed by current Horse Council BC Rule Book which can be found under competition documents at the following link: https://www.hcbc.ca/index.php/competitions/competition-documents/ .  Horse Council BC licensed officials are required for HCBC recognized events.  To search for a provincial certified official contact details can be found in the online Officials Directory.  Click here to search the online HCBC OFFICIALS DIRECTORY


Determine the level of competition which best suits your location and target competitors either a provincial HCBC event, or a national EC Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum level competition.

Competition organizers are required to submit competition application, Certificate of Insurance, draft Prize list, entry forms and waiver.

Organizers then complete application process using the online competition administration portal.
Click here for link: https://horsesport.pro/Login   “Create an Account”  using organizer’s current HCBC Number and password.  Then select Sport Organization “Horse Council BC” from drop down menu and LOGIN to your competition admin account

Step 1.  Click on the green tab “Create a Competition” and select the rules for the type of competition either HCBC or Equestrian Canada Bronze / Silver.  You will be redirected to the General Information tab to complete as much general information as possible, and check boxes at bottom of page click create competition.  You may pay permit fee by credit card or mail a cheque at a later date.  A Dashboard of the different tasks is shown on the right side of page.  Click on each tab completing follow the steps online to submit your competition application, payment and upload your competition documents.

You may also submit by online competition portal the following documents to HCBC

  • Certificate of Insurance: Certificate of Insurance  (Endorsed by your Broker)
  • Draft Prize list / Entry Forms – required a minimum of 30 days prior to competition date.
  • Other useful Competition documents can be found at link: Competition Documents    
  • Competitions are posted on the HCBC Competitions Calendar upon receipt application and payment of fees due                   .

EC National Bronze and Silver sanctioned EC competitions submit following documents via ONLINE COMPETITION PORTAL; 
or print forms to submit by email attachment, mail with permit fees to Horse Council BC for competition administration process.
1.) EC Competition Application: EC Competition Application Form  with payment of permit fees to HCBC by credit card or cheque
2.) Certificate of Insurance: Certificate of Insurance
3.) Prize list are due 60 days prior to competition date.
Competition will be posted on the HCBC Competitions Calendar upon receipt of sanctioning fees due.

For Equestrian Canada competition applications contact [email protected]
EC national Competition documents can be found at: https://www.equestrian.ca/programs-services/competition-organizers

Note:  If you wish to sanction any of the following EC competitions you must submit all forms to the Equestrian Canada competitions department

  • All Horse Trials  (Exception: EC Bronze horse trials, derby, etc., competitions may be submitted to Horse Council BC)
  • All Platinum or Gold competitions or multiple levels of EC Bronze, Silver, Gold competitions submit to EC