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Take the survey here: https://interceptum.com/s/en/EquineEconomicImpactSurvey

This survey is open until July 25th 2019

Horse Council BC and the BC Ministry of Agriculture are conducting a province-wide Equine Economic Impact Survey.

Whether you are a weekend trail rider, a breeder or top-rank barrel racer, your input is invaluable to the creation of an accurate study.

The past ten years have seen significant population growth, economic challenges and a changing perspective on agriculture and livestock among the general public. These attitudes have a direct impact on issues such as environmental stability and animal welfare. When you add the changes in the economy to these challenges, you can see the need for an in-depth review of the horse industry in its’ current state.

A healthy industry is important to all horse people. This is your opportunity to have a say on where our industry stands today.

Ference & Company has been engaged by Horse Council BC with funding from the BC Ministry of Agriculture to conduct an Economic Impact Study of the horse industry in BC to determine its economic benefits and values to the provincial economy. To do so, we are conducting an extensive survey of all horse owners in BC.

Your decision to participate is voluntary but your views are very important. The information you provide will be protected in accordance with the Privacy Act and all information collected will be used solely for research purposes.  Your responses will be summarized with other responses and reported only in summary form. Your specific responses will not be attributed to you in any report resulting from this study.

If you have any questions regarding the project, please contact Hannah Clark, Management Consultant, at Ference & Company (604-688-2424 ext.310).

Funding has been provided for this project the BC Ministry of Agriculture and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a federal-provincial-territorial investment that includes $2 billion in cost-shared strategic initiatives delivered by the provinces and territories, and $1 billion for federal programs and services through March 2023


Horsepower in B.C.’s Economy!
Data compilation, analysis and writing provided in kind by the BC Ministry of Agriculture        

View the highlights from the 2009 Equine Industry Study

View the complete 2009 Equine Industry Study

This important survey conducted by Horse Council British Columbia (HCBC) found that horses generate an estimated $740 million dollars in economic activity in B.C. and that number may be on the rise.The survey’s results indicate that there are around 100,000 horses in BC on almost 14,000 farms, and that the industry creates some 7200 full time jobs.  Moreover, according to survey respondents, more than ninety percent of horse owners will either be maintaining or increasing their involvement in the industry in the next five years, despite the economic climate.  Investment in buildings and facilities to house horses increased by 120% since 1998. “The survey results show the value of the horse industry to B.C. Horse owners are optimistic about the future of their industry and are committed to their horses’ well-being,” states Lisa Laycock, executive director of Horse Council B.C.  “HCBC is looking forward to developing programs that address issues important for today’s horseman. We appreciate the support of the B.C. provincial government and the Government of Canada for this important initiative.” The survey was conducted in partnership with the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture and Lands. Funding for the survey was provided through Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program. This program is delivered in B.C. by the Investment Agriculture Foundation of B.C.

The purpose of the survey was to understand and document the scope and impact of the horse industry within B.C. A previous industry survey was conducted in 1998 and this new study provides data for comparison to monitor the growth of the sector. Survey respondents included the HCBC membership, racing population, breeders and agricultural voices.


View the 2009 Industry Study selected data with updated electoral district numbers.


Download the results from the 2014 ALR Survey